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Biztalk Documenter error: unable to locate the help compiler executable

It’s possible u receive following error when generating a .chm file with BizTalk Documenter: “unable to locate the help compiler executable“. The reason for this is quite clear, the application can’t locate the help compiler executable, either because it isn’t installed or it is also possible if you’re working on a 64-bit machine.

Now to solve this do following steps:

1. First of all make sure you have installed the HTML Help Workshop compiler
If this is not the case, first download and install this compiler. It can be found on the Microsoft site here.
2. Secondly make sure that the path to this help compiler is configured correctly in BizTalk Documenter. Just go to the installation path of BizTalk Documenter (for me it was ‘C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft ServicesBizTalk Documenter’). Now open Microsoft.Services.Tools.BiztalkDocumenter.exe.config and change the path for the key ‘HelpCompilerLocation’. In my case it was the problem that it was configured to ‘Program Files’ instead of to ‘Program Files (x86)’

Hope this will help you solve the problem.