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Inserting / updating SQL from C#

Creating an SQL string in C# is a poor way to do it. It might give problems with some special characters, even the data retrieved from SQL to C# might not be the exact same anymore.

You really want to bind your parameters. It prevents SQL attacks, and makes the query run faster.

Here’s a simple piece of code as an example:

   1:  // we'll assume there's a connection set up in the instance
   3:  // pass a value
   4:  public void updateLog(string msg) {
   5:   // create your command, not the @msg where the parameter will go
   6:   SqlCommand cmd = 
   7:                new SqlCommand("insert into log(msg) values (@msg)", this.conn);
   9:   // bind the value to the parameter reference
  10:   cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@msg", msg);
  12:   // fire
  13:   try {
  14:    cmd.Connection.Open();
  15:    cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();
  16:   } finally {
  17:    cmd.Connection.Close();
  18:   }
  19:  }