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SQL – Interview Questions and Answers

Pinalkumar Dave has published a neat series of FAQ on SQL Server.

The series of blogs provides a simple way to go back over the building blocks of SQL Server. It’s way to remind yourself of what you already know.
A Question and Answer discussion can also be a way to go over old topics in a more interesting manner. Especially if you have been working in the industry, or taking lots of classes on the topic, everything you read can sound like a repeat of what you already know. Going over a topic in a new format can make the material seem fresh and interesting. And an interested mind will be more engaged and remember more in the end.

The list of interview Questions and Answers is helpfull as a refresher for SQL developers/administrators or as a way to learn about SQL (as a beginner or to learn new things).

here’s an overview of the complete Questions and Answers Series blogs