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Error when configuring the BizTalk runtime

I was installing BizTalk 2010 at home and ran into an error when configuring my BizTalk Server installation with the Microsoft BizTalk Server Configuration wizard. Configuring the BizTalk Runtime gave me following error:

The Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) may not be configured correctly. Ensure that the MSDTC service is running and DTC network access is allowed on the BizTalk, SQL and SSO Master servers. For more information, see “MSDTC Configuration settings required for BizTalk Server” in the BizTalk Server Help.

To solve this issue, I did the following:

Go to Component Services (Click Start, click Run, and type dcomcnfg to launch the Component Services Management console).
Next, Click to expand My Computer, click to expand Distributed Transaction Coordinator, right-click Local DTC, and click Properties, as shown below.

Now Click the Security tab of the Local DTC Properties dialog.

If either the Mutual Authentication Required or the Incoming Caller Authentication Required configuration options are enabled then the client(s) computer account must be granted the Access this computer from the network user right. If the computer account for a client computer is not granted the Access this computer from the network user right, or is included in the Deny access to this computer from the network user right, then DTC communication between the client and server computer will fail.

These changes caused to give me following error:

New transaction cannot enlist in the specified transaction coordinator

The solution for this is to change the setting under Transaction Manager Communication to “No Authentication Required”.
So the MSDTC Security configuration now looks like this: