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BizTalk: Filters on Send Ports and Send Port Groups

Each filter defines a subscription. Messages will be picked up from the MessageBox by each Send Port or Send Port group that ha a ;atching filter defined.

Now consider following situation:
We have a send port group with the filter Firstname = “Harry”. The send port group has 2 send ports. One send port (SP1) has an own filter defined on it, namely LastName = “Smith”. The other send port (SP2) has a filter LastName = “Jane”.

What will happen when a message is received and has these promoted properties:

  • Firstname = “Harry”
  • LastName = “Smith”

In this case, 2 filters apply but the send port SP1 is also defined in the send port group.
Where will the message be routed to?

The answer is that the message will go twice to the send port SP1 AND once through the send port SP2.
Now, why is this the case?

The group has a subscription and any messages coming to the group will go to the send ports in the group, regardless of their filters. The send ports may get messages directly based on their own filters. It is possible that your send port will get the message twice, once from the group filter and once from its own filter.