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Top 10 Performance Tips for SQL Server

Found a blog with some tips for SQL Server Performance Tuning.
the 10 tips helps you start on performance tuning in Microsoft SQL Server Tuning.

For the complete explanation, I refer to the original blog
Here’s a short overview of the tips:

  1. Stop waiting around
    Check the SQL wait statistics to recognize the bottlenecks
  2. Locate I/O bottlenecks
    Find I/O bottlenecks, as they are one of the key reasons for bad SQL performance
  3. Root out problem queries
    Find the most expensive queries
  4. plan to reuse
    Determine the statements that are not reusing query execution plans
  5. Monitor index usage
    Evaluate the usage of all indexes
  6. seperate data and log files
    Make sure the data and the log files are on separate physical drives
  7. use seperate staging databases
    Use a seperate database in simple recovery model for all initial imports to minimize the transaction logging
  8. Pay attention to log files
    Make sure there is plenty of free space in the log file to avoid the auto-grow operation as much as possible
  9. Minimize tempdb contention
    Optimize your tempdb files
  10. Change the max memory limit
    Make sure you configure the correct max memory setting

Source: Top 10 Performance Tips for SQL Server