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Task Scheduler failed to start: Error Value: 2147943645

We have a script scheduled using the Task Scheduler. Now we realised however that the script hadn’t run for a while.

when analyzing the scheduled task, we couldn’t find any issue… the task was currently running.
However, when we reveiwed the history of the task we noticed there was an error each time it tried to run the task.
The error just said : ‘Task Scheduler failed to start “YourScript” task for user “yourUser“. Additional Data: Error Value: 2147943645.’

The error message doesn’t say much useful. But what does it mean?
Turned out the solution was quite simple: it just means you are trying to run a job with the “Run only wheb user is loffed on” flag set.

This also explains why the job was running succesfully when we checked the task, since we were logged in as the configured user. A real simple solution for a meaningless error message.