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BizTalk Server Performance

Have you ever wanted to evaluate the performance of your Biztalk installation?
Evaluating your performance could be done by analyzing quite some counters in the performance monitor of Windows. Or maybe by using the Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool.

However I just found a recently released tool to benchmark your biztalk environments.
The tool is called blogical and can be found on codeplexe here.

How it works:

  1. After the user has started the application and specified the BizTalk Group, the tool analyzes its configuration, finding all the BizTalk servers, Messageboxes etc.
  2. Secondly, the user gets to select one of two scenarios: Messaging or Orchestration. Each scenario has a set of tested environments such as
    • “Single server (2*Quad CPU, 4GB RAM)”
    • “1*BTS (1*Quad CPU. 4GB RAM) + 1*SQL(1*Quad CPU, 8GB RAM)”.
    • “2*BTS (2*Quad CPU. 8GB RAM) + 2*SQL(2*Quad CPU, 16GB RAM)”.
  3. The user selects the environment which most resembles his/her own.
  4. The user then starts the Indigo Service, a console application hosting a service which will be called from the BizTalk Send port.
  5. As the user clicks “Run test”, the tool continues to start ports and orchestrations. It will also start the Perfmon collector sets if the user has chosen to create those.
  6. As the test proceeds the user can monitor the counter values through the gauges (CPU utilization, Received msgs/sec and Processed msgs/sec). The default test duration is 30 minutes, with a warm-up of 2 minutes.
  7. Finally, the user is presented a result, which is either Succeeded or Failed.

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High Scores:

Another thing I wanted to share with you regarding performance of Biztalk installations is the Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 Performance Optimization Guide .
This guide provides in-depth information for optimizing the performance of a BizTalk Server solution.

Also check BizTalk Health Check post on Technet Wiki. It’s a list of checkpoints that should be covered when performing a health check