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First of all, I would like to thank all of my regular reader and hope you’ve al enjoyed my blog posts for almost 2 years now. I already announced in one of my previous posts some time ago that I would join the contributors of the biztalk admin blog at .

Today, I’m proud to announce that there is another brand new blog I will be contributing to on BizTalk and Azure related news, problem solvement, etc…. My companies (Cnext) blog ( . Well actually, the blog already existed quite some time (even longer than my own blog 🙂 ), but there wasn’t any new posts for over 2 years. Most recently I became the new administrator of the Cnext blog and had the task to revive it. After 1 month, 3 completely new posts, and still some blog posts in the making, it is ready to be shared with all of you… see for yourself at the Cnexts revived blog.

The first thing I did is restyle the entire blog to match the current branding of Cnext. And after publishing some new material, I can say that it is ready to be read!

Now go and check it out.. and keep following all of my blog posts.

More info on cnext can be found on And as mentioned the blog will be situated at… keep an eye out for all new material to be added soon!