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Became an official BizTalk360 Product Specialist

Became an official BizTalk360 Product Specialist

Yesterday, BizTalk360 introduced the whole new title “BizTalk360 Product Specialist” on their blog. Because of the constantly increasing popularity of the monitoring tool BizTalk360, to streamline the process the new title and badge where introduced. The idea is to honour individuals who have gained adequate knowledge in installing, configuring and implementing BizTalk360 solution at customer sites.

The only way of obtaining this title is by receiving the confirmation from the BizTalk360 team itself. I myself filed a request immediately… And I am proud to announce my request got approved. Now I have the honour to officially call myself a “BizTalk360 Product Specialist”!

As you might have seen, I already placed the official badge at my own blog on the column on the right. I also updated my LinkedIn profile accordingly.